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  • FILM & TV


    Is a television programme following the daily ups and downs of the MòR micro brewery in Dundee, last year voted New U.K. Brewery Of The Year. Seen through the comical and inquisitive eyes of a celebrated national treasure. He’ll investigate the rise in Artisan Craft Brewing, the way it used to be before global domination by the big five. See how the little guys take on the might of the giants of the industry. Reveal the culture of co-operation with other micro breweries. He’ll uncover the big characters of the micro world and take us through the slow pains and pleasures of the malt and barley blues where the audience will learn about the process from the sourcing and brewing of the BIG HEAD’s to the bottling, marketing and ultimately the tasting by a considered panel of food and drink professionals.


    BIG HEAD BREWS are licensed by The Big Soak Ltd/Rocket Science Pictures Ltd and are part of the unique and bold initiatives to assist in the development of a feature film about the impending crisis of plastic in our oceans. With particular focus on the North Pacific Gyre, ‘The Eastern Garbage Patch’ north of Hawaii.

  • News

    MòR Saves Rome.

    Ian Dow of the Dundee Rep.Theatre was staring into his glass in the calmness of The Phoenix Bar after he had dismantled the sets on their production of ‘Titus Andronicus’ when he had an epiphany. Staring at the MòR logo he realised that he might be able to solve the problem of shifting the 1.2 metre letters that were suspended above the stage and put them to good use, all in the same epiphany. As ‘ROME’ wasn’t built in a day he figured the sign was too good to throw away and that it may be of use to us if we dropped the ‘E” and flipped it. So he contacted us. Wishing to avoid another Shakespearian tragedy we recycled 3 of the 4 letters. We now have a giant MOR sign at the brewery. Ian, take a bow for an inspired performance. Is anyone looking for a very big ‘E’?

    MòR Clean Up At SIBA Awards.

    Jim Hughan and Matt Forrest of MòR were employed as part of the runners crew at the recent SIBA awards at Drygate Brewery in Glasgow. For services to the judges, removing dirty glasses and supplying clean ones they were highly commended by themselves. Forrest said he was humbled and felt rewarded even though Jim did all the work.

    Bar Humbug.

    Humbug is currently brewing. This popular Christmas Ale will be popping up soon in a number of choice bars. Stick with MòR News to find out where.


    Barely out of the bottling bay and our new baby brews have already got legs. Their pedigree has been quickly established and they are already available in the finest Ale shops in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and as far away as Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and London’s Soho. This small but beautiful range are only available in selected outlets or here on our own website.

    Two weeks out of the door and KNOB HEAD has already picked up its first prize at the SIBA awards at the Drygate Brewery in Glasgow.


    A line up of 4 of the brews from 3.4% to 5% is falling of the shelves already. It has been earmarked as a great christmas gift by sharp and intuitive shoppers.

    KNOB HEAD, BONE HEAD, MOP HEAD and KNUCKLE HEAD are off the blocks and will be swiftly followed by HOP HEAD. Our aim is to include a great beer to cater for those who can’t or don’t want to have alcohol but enjoy a great brew taste. Truly, one for the road.